What is 3d printed house or home made of?

Depending on the technology and process employed, a wide range of materials can be used to create a 3D printed house or home. The following are some examples of materials used in 3D printing for building:

Many 3D printing construction companies use a specialized concrete mixture to create the framework of a 3D printed structure. This makes it possible to make curvy designs that would be difficult to make any other way. CYBE, based in Europe, and Icon, based in the United States, are two examples of companies that use concrete in 3D printing for building purposes.

A common construction material for some 3D printers is plastic filament. Since the resulting structures may not be as strong or durable as those made with other materials, this method is typically reserved for prototyping and small-scale projects.

Metal: Some 3D printers can print with metal, enabling the production of intricate metal structures and components. The aerospace and automotive industries utilize this technique frequently, and its potential application in the building industry is currently being researched.

As for the wood, some businesses are exploring the use of 3D printing to make wooden structures and components. Because it allows for precise control over the use of wood and the creation of bespoke designs, this approach has the potential to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

In conclusion, concrete, plastic, metal, and wood are just some of the materials that can be used to create houses or homes via 3D printing. Besides the technology and technique used for 3D printing and the final product’s intended function and desired properties, the material used will also be a deciding factor.

About the Author: Reynaldo Santana

Author, Ph.D. Candidate in 3D Printing Construction, Ted Talk Speaker, 3D Printing Consultant & Mastermind Group Creator.


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