With 3D Printing,

We Can Finally Provide Quality Shelter To Low-Income Households

For centuries to come.

The Traditional Way of Construction Is Now History.

High costs, slow construction time, and increased attention on global sustainability is plaguing the housing industry – making it hard for new homes to be developed while unfairly harming low-income households. 

But the worst part – traditional construction leads to poor quality housing. 

Deaths each year from poor environments
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Of All Toxic Air Emissions
Tons of Construction Waste by 2025

Poor-quality housing takes more lives than it helps create...

A home’s poor design and structure in low-income communities is a leading cause in negative health effects that can mentally harm individuals (depression and anxiety), disturb an entire city (relationship between exposure to lead poisoning and crime), and leave a scar that will last for generations. 

No one wants that. Shelter has to be high quality and safe. 


With 3D Printing,

Houses in the future will...

3D Printing technologies rely on the use of sustainable development materials, not on the size of a developer’s pocket books, to ensure high-quality infrastructure that will prevent lead poisoning and other adverse health effects – finally saving lives. 

“… we are on the cutting edge of making housing available for every single American today”… 

– Secretary Fudge from the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development on 3D printing. 

Watch 3D Printing In Action

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Reduction in Build Time
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Reduction in Site Waste
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Reduction in Material Costs
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Reduction in Labor Costs

3D Printing Is the Way To Go

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