Revolutionize Your Event with Reynaldo Santana's Pioneering Insights on 3D Printing Construction

Visionary leader and expert speaker with over $1 billion in pending 3D printing projects, specializing in sustainable development and innovative construction technologies.

About the Speaker

Are you looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable speaker to inspire and educate your audience about the revolutionary potential of 3D printing in construction? Look no further than Reynaldo Santana, a visionary leader who has raised over $200 million for 3D printing construction projects and has a staggering $1 billion in pending projects.

With his extensive experience collaborating with local and federal governments, universities, and sustainable ecosystems, Reynaldo brings unparalleled insights and practical strategies to the table. His passion for integrating cutting-edge technologies into construction practices is contagious, and his decades of expertise in the field make him an authoritative voice on the subject.

By booking Reynaldo for your event, you’ll provide your audience with:

  • Eye-opening insights into the latest 3D printing construction advancements
  • Inspiring stories of successful projects and collaborations
  • Actionable strategies for implementing 3D printing to boost efficiency and sustainability
  • A glimpse into the future of construction and its potential impact on various industries
Don’t miss this opportunity to have Reynaldo captivate your audience and spark meaningful conversations about the transformative power of 3D printing in construction. Book him now for your next conference, seminar, or workshop!

Reynaldo Santana

Speaking Topics

Reynaldo Santana is available to speak on a range of topics related to 3D printing construction, including but not limited to:

Past Speaking Engagements

TEDx Talk

Reynaldo’s TEDx talk discusses how 3D printing can address the problems of traditional construction methods, including their slow, labor-intensive, wasteful, and expensive nature. He provides an overview of 3D printing in construction, its advantages, and examples of completed homes…


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